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The word evangelicalism usually refers to a broad collection of religious beliefs, practices, and traditions which are found among conservative Christianity Protestantism Christians. Evangelicalism is typified by an emphasis on evangelism, a personal experience of conversion, Bible oriented faith and a belief in the relevance of Christian faith to some cultural issues. In the late 20th century and early 21st century, such Protestant Christians, and their churches and social movements, are often called evangelical to distinguish them from Protestants who have a tendency towards more Liberal Christianity.

Note that in continental Europe the word Evangelical is often understood to mean simply Protestantism, or specifically Lutheranism, as a literal translation of the German "evangelisch". In Germany, churches of the Protestantism religious tradition known as Lutheranism in the USA and other parts of the world are referred to specifically as Evangelische (literally "Evangelicals"). This does not correspond to standard use in English. See more under "Usage" below.

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