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The articles, information, and links provided on this site do not represent official policies, procedures, or opinions of or any of its operational units. The information on this site have come from a variety of sources, including speeches, articles, tracts, and other presentations, and they have been composed over a period of time, and many are of historic interest, Religion interest, and human affairs interest. Also, writer's inclusion on this site does not imply his full agreement with all of the articles. Each writer is responsible only for his own stated views. Many of the articles on this web site have been included only for the viewers use in the comparison of differing views and beliefs. realize there is a wide gap in human emotions and beliefs. For clarificatin purposes the main focal point of is conservative. extend our hand to others struggling along life's path seeking for the same true path to G-d.

For the stepping stones from there to here, from then to now, only seek to provide a path for others to step one step closer to G-d. I commend you with all my heart. Welcome and Enjoy our site. Shalom.